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Rossinca Programs

We offer diverse educational and enrichment programs that demand a well-balanced daily schedule engaging the whole child, which is consistent with Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory. Our center creates an environment where children can practice their language skills through friendly and open relationships with their peers and teachers.

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Educational Programs

Our Education Programs go hand in hand with creative programs, as they help each other to achieve the best results in educating every one of our students. All classes are designed to spark kids curiosity in math, science, physics, chemistry and biology and to motivate their advanced studying in these subjects.

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Creative Programs

In our Creative Programs, children are not only learning new disciplines, they are doing it in a different language, which means they learn not only new concepts, but a new vocabulary as well. Programs like art, dance, music, theater, literature help to broaden the active and passive vocabulary, to make children more comfortable “living” in a different language environment and continue their learning journey with joy.

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a fun, creative, sports, arts and science oriented program that will keep your child’s interest for all ten summer weeks. It is led by highly qualified teachers, who bring with them the latest ideas, designs, materials and programs, to ensure that every child is not only fully engaged in the camp activities, but is doing so in Russian language.

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