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Educational Programs
Education programs at Rossinca Heritage School go hand in hand with creative programs, as they help each other to achieve the best results in educating every one of our students.  Our children have unique opportunity to brush up on their general math and science knowledge, study Olympic difficulty level math, participate in math competition, science fairs, chess and Legorobotics contests and much more. 
All classes are designed to spark kids curiosity in math, science, physics, chemistry and biology and to motivate their advanced studying in these subjects. 
It is very hard to underestimate the importance of creativity in any learning process.   Creative experiences help children express their feelings, abilities and talents. Creativity also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. 
At Rossinca Heritage school children are not only learning new disciplines, they are doing it in a different language, which means they learn not only new concepts, but very often new vocabulary as well.  Programs like art, dance, music, theater, literature help to broaden the active and passive vocabulary, to make children more comfortable “living” in a different language environment and continue their learning journey with joy.
The only comprehensive after school program in Russian language in Silicon Valley. At Rossinca, children will not only receive academic knowledge in their home languages, development of speaking skills and math, but will also have opportunities for social interaction. Children will be surrounded by care and attention of experienced teachers; they will find new friends and constructively spend their after school hours.
Kids writing in notebooksMorning programs - Small group instruction K-4  Rossinca Heritage School is dedicated to helping children with zero  or little knowledge of English language to become fluent in the shortest possible time frame, at the same time ensuring children stay bilingual and continue to learn and advance in their native language.
RHS offers all elementary school subjects in both – English and Russian languages. They include Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science,  as well as Art, Music, Dance, Theater, Lego robotics, PE corners, and outdoor park games.
Summer Camp
Summer camp at Rossinca Heritage School is a fun, creative, sports, arts and science  oriented program that will keep your child’s interest for all ten (10) summer weeks. 
The program is led by highly qualified teachers, who bring with them the latest ideas, designs, materials and programs, to ensure that every child is not only fully engaged in the camp activities, but is doing so in Russian language.