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Summer Camp

June 6th - August 19th!  11 weeks full of fun and creativity!
Summer camp at Rossinca Heritage School is a fun, creative, sports, arts and science  oriented program that will keep your child’s interest for all eleven (11) summer weeks. 
The program is led by highly qualified teachers, who bring with them the latest ideas, designs, materials and programs, to ensure that every child is not only fully engaged in the camp activities, but is doing so in Russian  language. 
Time Place Daily Schedule
9:00- 9:30 RHSchool Morning meet and greet, board games, reading, drawing, free play
9:30-10:00 RHSchool Circle time: icebreaking games, briefing on weekly and daily  goals and projects
10:00- 10:15 RHSchool Snack
10:15- 12:30 Newhall park / Rose Garden Outdoor games, quests, exercises 
12:30 - 13:00 RHSchool Lunch
13:00-15:00 RHSchool Project activities
15:00 - 15:45 RHSchool Group demonstrations, discussions, free play
15:45 - 16:00 RHSchool Pick up time / Snack for extended care campers
16:00 - 17:30 RHSchool Extended care: Summer School or  Blogger School
17:30- 17:45  RHSchool Pick up time
17:45  - 18:00  
Cleaning and disinfecting
Price per week  (except the Theater) $490
Theater weeks  $520
Extended care (Mo-Th only) )  16.00-17:30 $100/week
Sibling discount  5%

summer by the week
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New workshops and projects every week! Each week is unique!
WEEK 1 6-10 June Space Quest week
WEEK 2 13-17 June Theater "Pinoccio"  
WEEK 3 20- 24  June Theater "Pinoccio"  
WEEK 4 27 June -1 July Art Week: Slavic traditional arts and crafts
WEEK 5 6-8 July Maritime week
WEEK 6 11-15 July LEGO City
WEEK 7 18-22 July Hollywood week 
WEEK 8 25 -29 July Winnie the Pooh week
WEEK 9 1-5 August Theater: "Beauty and the Beast" musical
WEEK 10 8-12 August Theater: "Beauty and the Beast" musical
WEEK 11  15-19 August The Last Bogatyr  - Slavic Folk stories week
EXTENDED CARE:  16:00 - 17:45
SUMMER SCHOOL : Russian Language, Olympic Math, private English tutoring
BLOGGER SCHOOL: write, make your video, promote

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