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Morning programs - Small Group Instruction K, 1-4

Rossinca Heritage School is dedicated to helping children with zero or little knowledge of English language to become fluent in the shortest possible time frame, at the same time ensuring children stay bilingual and continue to learn and advance in their native language.
Families can choose to sign up their children for one or all classes taught in English language, which gives them complete flexibility to create their own schedule, emphasize the subject(s) that need the most attention, and build the curriculum around the interests and strengths of their child.
RHS offers all elementary school subjects in both – English and Russian languages. They include Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science,  as well as Art, Music, Dance, Theater, Lego robotics,  PE corners, and outdoor park play.
RHS has been a vendor of Ocean Grove Charter School for many years.  Our families have stood above any expectations of the education specialists and children have been commended for their excellence in all subjects, taken at RHS.
In our teaching methods we implemented a very rigorous curriculum with a focus on small-group instructions, and an individualized, differentiated teaching approach.
Our individualized teaching approach aims to create a student-centered learning environment that promotes deeper understanding, critical thinking, and a love for learning. It aligns with the idea that education should be tailored to the unique needs and potential of each student.
We use small group instruction - the instructional strategy where a teacher works with a small group of students, typically ranging from three to six students, to provide targeted and personalized teaching. This approach is used to address the diverse learning needs of students, offer additional support, and encourage collaborative learning. Here are key features and benefits of small group instruction.
Overall, small group instruction is a powerful teaching strategy that fosters a supportive and focused learning environment, enabling our teachers to meet the diverse needs of their students more effectively.
  • depends on number of classes and subjects