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The science program has been developed specifically for students at Rossinca Heritage School. Its goal is not only to introduce children to the fundamentals of the natural sciences, such as biology, geography, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and ecology but also to expand their active vocabulary in these subjects, ensuring they can freely communicate with each other, parents, teachers, discussing these topics in Russian language. CLIL method in use!
Age: children ages 5 and older
Science Topics Include:
  • The Solar System, planets
  • The planet Earth
  • Landmasses and continents
  • History of landmasses and continents
  • The structure of the Earth
  • Earth's layers
  • Earth's biosphere
  • Cellular structure of living organisms
  • Cell structure 
The topic is the same for all levels but the depth of the material is age appropriate. Each lesson includes a large-screen presentation, hands-on science experiments, word problems, crafts, and short exercises.
  • Cost: $120/month
  • For our Rossinca Afterschool Program: students in levels 0,1,2 are included in monthly tuition 
Teachers: Julia Afanasyeva, Margarita Staut