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Saturday Program

The Saturday Program is designed for children who can not attend Russian language classes during the school week. It is comprised of three parts: the first two parts are dedicated to Russian language, grammar, and literature and the third part focuses on practicing the learned language skills during an engaging session of games and interaction.
At Rossinca Heritage School Russian language is taught using various means and methods, including our own programs.  Each lesson is 45 minutes long and includes studying the rules and norms of the Russian language (grammar and spelling), penmanship, development of active and passive vocabulary, speech etiquette, learning and understanding idioms and proverbs. 

The "Readers' Club" block (45 minutes) is aimed at developing children's reading skills, helping them experience the world of books, analyze the plot, and distinguish language nuances of every genre. The students will be studying different genres of literature. The main principles involved in the selection of literary works are availability, variety, and the students' interests. Extracurricular reading is an important part of the course.

"Creative writing" is the part of levels 5 and 6.

The Saturday program lasts 1 hour 45 minutes and includes breaks. The cost of the program is based on 4 Saturdays per month. 

The Saturday program is intended to provide children with homework that will take a child and his/her parents about 1 1/2 hours to complete, as well as some additional reading.
Age: children 5 and older
  • A comprehensive program
  • Saturday
  • Small groups
  • Interaction with peers
  • Highly professional teachers
  • Expands the child's worldview
  • Helps develop speaking skills
  • Homework
  • $260/ month** for 2-hour program
**semester prepaid non-refundable/no make-up $225
Teachers:  Karina Semerdzhyan,Yulia Khitrykh, Kseniia Galanina