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Russian Language

The main focus of the Russian language program at Rossinca Heritage School is the modern Russian language and its vast possibilities. The primary goal of this program is not only to teach and develop speaking proficiency, to learn the correct use of grammar rules, and to improve reading skills, but also to teach each child to love the Russian language, to desire to read in Russian, to speak with their peer group in Russian. An important component of the program is raising cultural awareness and understanding, which helps Russian language students to feel connected to Slavic culture and great literature. 
The program is designed for both native and non-native speakers (Russian as a foreign language) as well as for children of any age, (preschool to high school) and adults. Language proficiency and fluency is a multi-step process; thus, our program was developed to suit all levels and goals of the students.
During the week, classes are taught twice a week for two academic hours with a break.  Each session consists of a combination of Russian Language / Literature blocks, with homework given once a week. For middle school children, Russian language class and Literature class are taught on different days.  Literature class includes not only reading and analyzing books, but also teaches some history, traditions and customs of Slavic people, teen psychology, and much more.
Saturday school is a great option for those kids, who cannot come to Rossinca Heritage School during the school week.  For more information about Saturday school please click here: (link to Saturday school)
We also offer individual private classes that can be attended as a stand-alone program or in combination with group classes. 
  • Levels 0-3: $300/month for 2 days/week, $200/month for 1 day/week (not recommended)
  • Levels 4-5:  $150/month for 1 class/week (either Russian or Literature)
  • NEWL preparation: $35/60 minutes class
Teachers: Yulia Khitrykh, Karina Mikoyan, Karine Semerdzhyan, Kseniia Galanina, Alexandra Ugarova