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K Program

K program at Rossinca Heritage school is a unique opportunity for Russian speaking children to continue their education in Russian language, to learn how to read, write, take advanced math and social studies classes.  At the same time children follow the CA program for K curriculum which is taught in English language.  
In 2015 Rosisnca Heritage School became a vendor at Ocean Grove Charter School.  Education specialists from Ocean Grove closely work with the parents, guiding them through the first year of home school education. Through Ocean Grove children have a lot of opportunities for various field trips, museum days, exploration activities.  Each family receives annual educational fund $2,600, which can be spent on any education activities for children.
K program starts at 8:30 am.  After it is over, children have a choice of staying for afterschool program, participating in chess, dance, art, science and many other classes offered. 
K Curriculum:
  • Russian language/ speech and vocabulary development/ grammar and writing -  4 hours / week
  • Math and Logic -  2 hours / week / 2 semesters it is taught in Russian language and 2 in English
  • Social studies 2 hours / week /2 semesters it is taught in Russian language and 2 in English
  • English language 4 hours / week
Each class is 45 min long, during the class the teachers are using various methods of active and passive learning, play educational games, work with each child individually.
At the beginning of the school year we discuss the level of interest among parents to add music, dance and theater to the program (all taught in Russian).
Program Schedule:
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 1:00 pm
  • $1,285 per month
Teachers: Iulia Gubenko, Elena Supryadkina