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After School Care Program

The only comprehensive after school program in Russian language in Silicon Valley. At Rossinca, children will not only receive academic knowledge in languages, development of speaking skills and math, but will also have opportunities for social interaction. Children will be surrounded by care and attention of experienced teachers; they will find new friends and constructively spend their after school hours.
Our program begins at the end of your child’s school day. We offer a carpool option to bring your child from his/her school to Rossinca Heritage School. Each group has a homeroom teacher. Each child is placed in classes of languages, literature and math according to their level of language and math knowledge. This approach ensures the best learning results. Academic subjects taught during our after school program are not a review of what the child has already learned at school, it is completely new material; for example, math classes are taught using traditional Russian curriculum which is more logic oriented and encourages active learning and is not a mere repetition and memorization of facts.

During breaks, the children can play with friends, rest, or read. We also offer help with their homework. Besides our regular after school classes (see below), we also offer a variety of extra-curricular activities.

The Program Consists of:
  • help with transporting your child from school to the center*
  • hot lunch (optional, provided for a separate fee)
  • Russian language — twice a week
  • literary readings/development of speaking skills — twice a week
  • math
  • science and nature
  • help with homework
  • outdoor recess
  • board games, word games, arts and crafts
  • affordable additional programs during fall, winter, spring, and summer breaks
*transportation from school is a separate charge paid directly to the service provider
Additional Classes**:
  • Olympic math (2-5 grades)
  • Lego robotics
  • Dance classes
  • Individual music lessons (piano)
  • Art class
  • Karate
  • Foreign languages
  • Theater studio
**For a separate fee
  • from $915/month for a full week (5 days)