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Dance Studio

Dance, as a form of choreographic art, is one of the most widely available and popular types of aesthetic and physical education, as well as one of the most effective means of developing good posture, sense of music and physical fitness.
The goal of our dance class is not only to educate children about the art of dance and to improve their dance technique and skills, but to also instill in them the love for dance in its many forms, to learn how to express their emotions through movement, expressiveness, agility, strength and grace. 
We strive to discover and develop the best natural abilities of the students, to teach the importance of striving for the best results, that can only be achieved through hard and persistent work.
  The Curriculum Introduces Various Dance Techniques:
  • Elements of classical dance.  They are the foundation of most dance genres, and help develop beautiful and graceful style of performing
  • Elements of folk dance.  They introduce children to ethnic choreographic traditions and unique folk dance styles of many Slavic nations
  • Barre exercises.  It is essential in developing professional technique, posture and flexibility;
  • Choreography etudes (short routines).  They are the building blocks of performance readiness, artistry and the sense of music and rhythm
Benefits: Physical fitness, Aesthetic education, Good posture, Learning a variety of dance genres and mastering concert performances
These components is a necessary foundation on which a child of any age will grow into a well-rounded person, no matter what the age and initial talents are. Rossinca dance concert group is not only taking part in semiannual school concerts, but is welcomed at various multicultural festivals around the bay and in other states.  For many years the children have been performing at the International Children’s Dance Festival in San Jose, CA, have been invited to dance at various concerts (Victory day, Day on the Bay, Slavic Cultural Fairs) and performed at the multicultural festival in Alaska. 
Every year the children perform at different concerts and competitions, like International Children’s Festival, Day in the Bay, Colibri, May 9th Celebration, New Year Celebrations.
Class Schedule:
  • Advanced (concert) Group: Monday, Thursday 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm

  • Advanced Group: $200.00 / month plus costume and concert costs
Teacher: Yevhenia Krasnova