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Every child loves to paint and draw. Children's artwork evolves from scribbles and spots of color into meaningful images. While drawing, children learn about the world and its objects; express their thoughts and feelings; and develop artistic skills. Paintings and drawings are a dialog between a child and the world and it is next to impossible to understate its importance in a child’s development.
Children are genuinely interested in drawing, have a vivid imagination, and do not fear experimenting with different media. A child who draws and paints regularly gradually and naturally acquires the following skills and personality traits: attentiveness, thoroughness, patience, and forward-thinking.
The main goal of our art program is to help children reach their potential and to discover their talents. Our teachers create an artistic atmosphere to engage every child, teaching the basics of art by introducing elementary concepts of composition, symmetry, proportions, colors, and shapes. We also work on various types of art - landscape, still-life, portrait, and self-portrait, introducing masterpieces of famous artists, and encouraging children to develop a desire to create their own art. Students learn to use the following art media: pencils, markers, acrylic paint, chalk, and oil pastels. In the beginning, children work on a still-life, a landscape, and a portrait because these genres are the best way to master composition (arranging the objects on a piece of paper), proportion (relation of the objects' sizes), perspective (depth perception), symmetry, and light and shadow (implied volume). Further studies can include drawing a human body and animals.
The Program Consists of:
  • Graphics (your choice: pencil, charcoal, pen and marker, or ink). Studies in (your choice): still-life, portrait, a bird, a fish, or an animal. Types of graphic art (your choice): applied or fine art (realism)
  • Painting (acrylic): still-life
  • Painting (watercolors): Landscape
  • Mixed mediums: abstract art
  • Arts and crafts using different media: paper, plaster, fabric, styrofoam, PU foam, etc. Tool: scissors, chisel, needles, sandpaper, glue, glue gun.
  • $120 / $145 per month (4 or 5 classes per month)
  • $25.00 / class
  • $20.00 / month material fee
Teacher: Margarita Staut