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Get Ready To School

If your children don’t go to preschool, the Early Childhood Development program art Rossinca Cultural Center is the best way to introduce them to reading, math, social studies, music, dance, art and theater – all taught in Russian language.
The program consists of three lessons, each lesson is 30-35 min long.
Ages: 3-5 years 
Get Ready to School Curriculum:

Learning How to Read

Children learn not only how to read, but also how to correctly pronounce letters and sounds, which a very important part of any language development and learning process.  Teachers work with children on developing the “phonemic’ ear, highlight the sounds and later syllables in the word, put together words by using various syllable combinations and much more. 
All classes are conducted in a play form, ensuring that each child is engaged in the learning process. The letters are taught with the special focus on development of speech and sound in parallel with the development of fine motor skills.  Some of the authors, whose works are used in the program include Kurizyna E.M., Taraeva L.A., Bortnikova E, Buneeva E.V.
Social Studies
Social studies go hand in hand with speech development, where teachers work with children on learning new vocabulary, using synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, various figures of speech, etc.  During the lessons we play live and table theater, recite poems, create short stories – in all these activities children become very engaged participants. 
The primary goal of the math program is foremost develop math curiosity, as well as fundamentals of the math concepts, creative and critical thinking, ability to solve a math problem and explain why the proposed solution is correct.
In our classes, we use textbooks and workbooks developed by Peterson L.G., Kochemasova E.E., Kholina E.P.
Expected results: development of the speech fluency, active and passive vocabulary, social communication skills; understanding of the foundation of language and math concepts, learning the simple physics, biology and chemistry of the world around us.

Early Childhood Development  (3-4 years) "Pochemuchki"


Language and Speech Development

Beautiful language means correct pronunciation, grammar structure and choice of words – all these and many other topics we will be teaching children during these classes.  Children will be engaged in role plays and theater acting, where they will have fun and learn new vocabulary, new grammar structures, poems and song.  All classes are theme based, which helps kids learn about the world around them.
Children are introduced to the simple math concepts, taught to explain their choice of the right answer  -  all of which is done through math play.  In a fun way kids work on their math knowledge and skills and learn new vocabulary.
In our classes we use textbooks and workbooks written by Peterson L.G., Kochemasova E.E., as well as active math games.
Expected results: development of the language speech and active vocabulary, social communication and team work, formation of the fundamental knowledge of math and language concepts, working on small motor skills, learning about the world around us.
Children are learning songs и musical dances, dance and sing with the teacher playing the piano.
Logarithmic / Group Speech Therapy
Logarithmic is a special class where children work on their speech and sounds while moving other parts of their bodies.  These classes help to develop a correct speech and pronunciation.
Fundamentals of Dance and Choreography 
Basics of choreography, learning new dances, etc.
"Creativity Corner" - Art / Creative Development 
Children are introduced to many various types of art expressions, like clay modeling, drawing with different brushes, real fruit and vegetable stamps, collages. 
Program Schedule:
  • Group (4-5 years):  Tuesday, 9:30 am  - 10:00 am - Music 
  • Group (4-5 years):  Tuesday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm - Getting Ready to School 
  • Group (3-5 years):  Wednesday, Time TBA - Dance
  • Group (3-5 years):  Wednesday, Time TBA - Creativity Corner
  • Group (3-4 years): Thursday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm -  Early Childhood Development 
  • Tuesday - $15/class or $50 for all 4 classes
  • Thursday - $45 for 3 classes
  • Wednesday - $20/ dance  $25 / creative corner 
Teachers: Marina Blom, Elena Supryadkina, Galina Melnikova